Our selection of Silicone Plates and Bowls include a convenient inbuilt suction base to help reduce spills and stains.

Mealtime without mess is a milestone with every mouthful!

- Microwave & Freezer friendly

-  Oven & Dishwasher safe 

- High Quality and durable for even the most tenacious of babes 

- 100% Food-grade Silicone, Non-Toxic, BPA / Phythalate Free to ensure the health & safety of your minis

Mealtime has never looked so good!

Carefully curated, our collection of Silicone Tableware bridges the gap between bottles and solids.

Zarlii helps families navigate this development stage with ease, promoting self-feeding and a healthy enthusiasm for food.

The Zarlii range has been put together with a comfortable transition in mind. As busy parents to little loves, we have so much on our plate (pun intended) without the added time spent tidying mess after mealtime.