About Us

Zarlii is a family owned and operated Australian online boutique based on the beautiful Gold Coast. We believe in creating a safe and sustainable life for our children and generations to follow. We also want to make a mother’s life more convenient wherever possible.

As our precious children take their next steps in their development journey and begin to self-feed, the pride and excitement we feel as parents can also be met with plenty of mess, spills and stains which go hand in hand with learning and growing. We wanted to bring convenience, functionality and aesthetically beautiful and fun elements to the tables of many, so came the birth of our other baby, Zarlii.

Upon searching for products to help foster a love for mealtime, we discovered a gap. Functionality without style, style without practicality or trend without affordability. Finding tableware without compromising on what we genuinely wanted and needed became difficult. Zarlii has been thoughtfully curated with functionality, style, safety and accessibility in mind.

As parents, we understand the effort, love and time that goes into nourishing our little loves. We want to provide parents with a solution that promotes a healthy enthusiasm for food, saves time with reduced mess and spills and makes mealtime memorable.